A mammoth bacon cheeseburger in the US has taken the crown as the world’s biggest burger.
While incredibly unhealthy, the record breaking one-ton bacon cheeseburger is the ultimate food craze. At 2,014 pound and a 10-foot diameter, a Minnesota casino managed to enter the Guinness World Record book with a bacon cheeseburger that had to be lifted with a crane.

It seems only yesterday that the previous world’s biggest burger was being announced, weighing in at 352kg. But on 2nd September 2012 at the Black Bear Casino Resort in Minnesota, that record was blown out of the water, with a Guinness World Record breaking 2,014 lb burger!
To break the record, the bun and burger must be cooked on the same day and so a specially constructed outdoor oven was used to cook the bun (7 hours) and the burger (4 hours) before the 2 were combined with: 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of sliced onions, 40 pounds of pickles and 40 pounds of cheese!

Finally together, the behemoth of burger was announced as a Guinness World Record breaker: “What I saw today was a feat of remarkable teamwork that resulted in a world record burger that actually tastes really good,’ said Guinness Records rep. Philip Robertson (slightly surprised that the burger actually tasted good by the sounds of it).

The remainder was cut up and fed, for free, to guests that had congregated around the mammoth of meat. A reasonable reward after watching people cook a giant burger bun for 7 hours we imagine. No word on whether it included a drink and fries.
Check out this time-lapse of the burger being built:
Would you try a bite from this beast of a burger?

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