A run down of our favourite film-y food tips/moments. From eight year old boys ordering pizza, to gangsters slicing garlic. We probably wouldn’t take many of these suggestions too seriously. (Except the garlic slicing, that totally works)

GOODFELLAS – gangsters and garlic

You know how it is, you’re in prison and struggling to get your pasta sauce just right. Paulie (doing a year for contempt) has the perfect system; use a razor to slice the garlic paper thin “so it liquefies in the plan with just a little oil”. Be careful not to add too many onions to your tomato sauce though, and don’t forget; red wine with red meat.

HOME ALONE – takeaway delivery simplicity

So you’ve ordered your takeaway but would rather avoid having to talk to the delivery person (maybe you’re in your PJs, or lost your voice). The solution? An eight year old boy has it all figured out. With some careful play/pause skills and an old gangster film, you can get that “lovely cheese pizza” without having to open the door. Don’t forget to tip: “keep the change ya’ filthy animal”.

FIVE EASY PIECES – Jack Nicholson orders toast

In what has to be one of the greatest diner scenes every put on screen, Jack Nicholson struggles to order a side of toast (“What do you mean you don’t do side orders of toast?”) and figures out the most smart-ass-y way of getting it: “I’d like a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast. No mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce … hold the chicken”. Genius.

PULP FICTION – when in France, say le Big Mac

The most infamous food scene in film? (Maybe only beaten by the ‘Big Kahuna Burger’ scene just after this one.) Vincent regales Jules with tales of “the little things” that are different in Europe. Beer in cinemas, Royale with cheese instead of quarter-pounders, and mayonnaise on fries. It’s making us hungry listening to them.

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