Healthy Takeaways?

Being health conscious in today's world is trickier and trickier, with hidden fats and sugars in everything.
Sometimes you just can't help it and resisting that takeaway can be really difficult, especially when you know you shouldn’t.

We’ve researched some of the healthier takeaway options, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your hard work at the gym hasn’t gone to waste!

Chinese takeaway usually means lots of deep-frying, but it doesn’t have to. Go for boiled rice instead of fried, and you’re halving the calories. Dishes served in oyster sauce or black bean sauce are a good option, go for a soup instead of wontons or spring rolls, and go easy on the prawn crackers. Lots of Chinese dishes come with steamed vegetables, and stir-frys are tasty, and fairly low in oil.


Avoid creamy and deep fried dishes, and choose a vegetable curry, or a madras. Go for boiled rice, and skip the onion bhajis and poppadoms, and have a chapatti instead. Yum!

Skip the deep pan, stuffed crust, avoid pepperoni and extra cheese, and choose vegetable toppings and a thin crust. Hawaiian pizza are usually a safe choice, and Meat Feasts are usually the worst. Both Pizza Hut and Dominos have nutritional values tables up on their websites to help you out.

If you have some great ideas on keeping healthy while eating out, we would love to hear from you! Comment below....


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