Changing your diet to stop snoring doesn't necessarily mean going on a weight loss program although they may have the same out come.
There is a preconception that snoring is the sole domain of overweight middle aged men. NOT TRUE. It affects both Men and Woman of all ages, shapes, weights and sizes.

Is there any type of food you can eat to stop snoring?

As it turns out, there are some foods that are better than others when it comes to reducing snoring.  
Here are some possible dietary additions that might help.  (Ladies and Gentlemen: you might want to mention these things to your bed mates as foods that just might mitigate the snoring routine...)

Remedy: Eating onions is a good way to help reduce congestion. Yes, onions.   While they might not lead to the most aromatic breath, onions act as natural anti-inflammatory. Often, they help to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. Onions not only act as natural decongestants, but they are also a best source of antioxidants.

Remedy: You can try drinking honey and lemon in hot water. The honey and lemon can also act as a good snoring solution. Honey acts as an antiseptic and also natural decongestant. You can also include a few teaspoons of honey in a fresh lemonade or lemon juice and drink the mixture before going to bed


Remedy: The mixture of lemon and thyme is also a best one to reduce the mucus in your air passages. You can drink lemon tea before going to bed or, you can add thyme to roast dinners or casseroles


Remedy: Including hot foods like garlic and horseradish to your diet can help reduce snoring. These foods can help to dry up the airways and nasal passages thus reducing the excess

Foods that might be working against you:

If you're an ice-cream eater (you know the routine; television and a bowl of luscious mint chip or precious chocolate fudge swirl...); you might want to skip this snack if you're feeling amorous.  Dairy foods cause snoring and the closer you eat them toward bedtime, the worse or "louder," things can be.
Here's how it works: dairy products can increase the mucus in your nasal passages, thus your airways become narrower and restrict the flow of oxygen. 

Remedy: You can try switching to soy products, rice or almond milk to see if it makes a difference for you.  Extra mucus can also form with the consumption of baked foods, chocolates, fried foods and frozen foods closer to bedtime.

And finally, the last culprit is alcohol.  That late night martini is actually working against you.  It doesn't lead to a better quality of sleep, so, avoid consuming alcohol.

Ironically, sedatives, which may be prescribed like sleeping pills, can cause you to snore during sleep as they may actually suppress your breathing drive.
Aside from what you eat, controlling your portions and actually losing weight can be one of the number one ways to eliminate or greatly reduce snoring.

Good luck and remember, 
"eat right and sleep tight."

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