Did you know…lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.
The fact that a lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry, is another remarkable funny fact that is well spread around the internet. 
The acid within the lemon masks the sweetness of the sugar, at least that is the explanation.
To determine if this is true we first need to agree on how to compare the two, since a lemon is of course much bigger and heavier than one strawberry. 
To make a fair comparison we should look at the amount of sugar per, lets take the standard, 100gram.
Then we will see that a lemon contains 2.50g sugar per 100g, and a strawberry contains 5g sugar per 100g. Twice the amount of that of a lemon!
So we can safely conclude this fact is not true and debunked; A lemon does not contain more sugar than a strawberry
In fact, a strawberry contains twice as much sugar as a lemon.

30/10/2012 10:30:09 am

You distort the fact with method. The fact is that a lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry. There was no mention of the size of the lemon sample or strawberry sample other than to say "a lemon" and a "a strawberry". So... an average sized lemon is much bigger than the average sized strawberry. And that is why it is a fact that a lemon has more sugar than a strawberry.

14/3/2016 06:49:17 pm

so interesting facts about lemon and strawberry...keep sharing..


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